When you say European hardcore it’s impossible not to mention Cornered next. Grinding the asphalt since 2008 they’ve done countless weekenders all over Europe, done more than 10 full European tours and a full USA tour.  

Besides being known for their notorious and infamous live shows, the band already has a solid discography. Several full length albums, EP’s and split 7”s have been released in the past ten years and we are proud to put out their 10th release, Failure, on Blindsided Records. 

Cornered have recorded 4 tracks for this EP, all in the aggressive NYHC style we know and love them for but still surprisingly fresh and relevant. Recorded during the lockdown with their longtime producer JB van der Wal, the EP is their finest effort yet and a culmination of months of isolation and creative frenzy.

Humanity is doomed

Blindsided Records · Cornered – Failure

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