New single by EXCORIATED, ‘Authority Denied’

Swiss crossover band EXCORIATED just blasted onto the scene with one of the heaviest releases this year. Fueled by the rage at witnessing the countless police brutality cases in Switzerland the band have released ‘Authority Denied’ as a self serving statement. No longer will they bend for the men in power.

With members of Deconvolution and Fever Dreams these boys aren’t fresh on the field anymore and have seen their share of stages and carnage. Recent protests in Switzerland have poured oil on the flame that is Excoriated and Authority Denied is the resulting blast. As vocalist Jonathan would put it: “to sum up the message quick: “fight the oppressor” and we couldn’t agree more. The accompanying video says more than enough. It balances the ferocity of their performance with real footage of the different protests worldwide. In the past months this has become extremely relevant in Switzerland again. Protests against human rights violations at refugee camps, climate strikes or antifaschist demonstrations, they all had one thing in the common. The ice-cold answer from the government in the form of police violence and brutality. 

At the same time it serves as a little preview of the upcoming LP, to be released through Blindsided Records in the nearby future. Be sure to keep an eye on these boys although we don’t really see a way around them.

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