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CURSELIFE ‘POISON TO MY SOUL’ out on December 14th!

With pride we announce the second release on Blindsided Records. CURSELIFE will be releasing a brand new EP called ‘Poison To My Soul’ which will be available on 7”.

The record will see the light of day on December 14th and pre-orders start now! A bundle with a shirt is also available trough the Blindsided web store and for the German fans, you can also order trough CoreTex and save some shipping on your order!



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Blindsided Records has one mission. To find the most electrifying riffs for your listening pleasure. And today we are mighty proud to announce that we will be working with a new band delivering just that. Meet CURSELIFE, a hard-hitting 4-piece band from Nuremberg, Germany. We’ll be releasing a 7” EP with them, keep an eye on both our pages for the release date.