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It seems hard to believe this EP is the first
outing from fresh Dutch hardcore outfit

The Netherlands based band creates a fresh
mix of hard-hitting classic hardcore music
and less traditional elements. Not wanting
to wait until the pandemic blew over, the
band took the world by surprise by
suddenly dropping a demo called ‘Dying

The demo left people hungry for more, and
only a few months after ‘Dying Kiss’ the
band started teasing the first bits of the EP we are now very close to unleashing
into the world. ‘Blacklist’ (along with a music video directed by Zino Rosmolen),
‘Test of Time’ and ‘King of Lies’ already make for a good sing along at SWELL’s
early shows.

SWELL is signed to Stay True bookings and starting playing live show at the very
moment they were allowed to. Already having shared the stage with Dare, No
Pressure and Sunami, as well as being a guest at Adversary’s release show, they
are hungry to show the world their music.
The future is looking bright for SWELL, besides making their mark in the hardcore
scene, they are selected to play Popronde 2022 (a Dutch travelling festival for new
acts to watch).
This is only the beginning, and we as Blindsided Records are more than happy to
be on board with the posse from day one. Check out the brand new video for
‘Mercy Never Wanted Me’, directed by Jarmo Willering here.
‘Mercy Never Wanted Me’ drops on July 29th, 2022 through Blindsided Records