Adversary vinyl delay

We have a message about the Adversary pre-orders:

Originally, the physical release was planned for this March. The worldwide problems with capacity and recourses at vinyl pressing plants were already very much in the picture and instead of the regular 4 month delivery time, we were facing a 9 month delivery time. Back in the summer of ’21 we decided to go ahead with the digital release as planned on 22-02-22 and have the vinyl be shipped a month later.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that the delay has worsened since then (find some articles on that below. Covid, lack of recourses and major label dominance have had a very bad effect for indie labels) and on top of that, a covid breakout has struck the pressing plant we’re using, forcing them to temporarily shut down their operation.

For the vinyl copies of None Will Mourn, this means we’re looking at a late may/early June delivery time. We will keep you up to date on the process and let you know once we have a final delivery date. We are very sorry that we are forced to handle a delayed release date for the physical product. Since day one the physical product has been a top priority for the label and as most of us are vinyl lovers/collectors ourselves, this is a bummer.

Since we do want to compensate our customers for the delay, the first 100 copies will feature a limited hand-numbered screen printed 12” art print with alternative artwork.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and much love from Adversary and Blindsided Records

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