Voidcrawler & Deconvolution have teamed up on a new release, a split 7″ EP released exclusively through Blindsided Records. Voidcrawler are familiar favorites, ripping up the country last year during the Popronde with labelmates Deathtrap. Besides playing The Netherlands they have also done several shows in Germany and Switzerland, some of those shows together with Deconvolution.

Deconvolution first released their trash influenced hardcore to to the world in 2017 with ‘Fool’s Path’. A great string of shows follow with bands like Expire, Terror and Broken teeth. 2019 marked their second a release and they’re ready to take it to the next level with two brand new tracks.

The 7″ will drop June 12th digitally and physically. Pre-order to make sure you’re one of the first ones to lay their hands on this magic disc.

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